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Corporate Days

Corporate Days at the Bowmen Of Lyme

Here at the Bowmen Of Lyme we try to offer something a little different when it comes to corporate events.  We can provide you and your employees with an experience that is hard to match and that will be the talk of the office for weeks.

The day will start with a quick introduction to our club and a quick run over all the health and safety aspects of archery.  Once the introduction is over, you will be split into a number of different groups and given some basic tuition.

Once you've got the basics, you will then get to experience field, clout and more target archery.

As part of these activities, you will also be given the chance to shoot at Sir Dopey (see opposite) with a real Old English Longbow.

Throughout the event, we will be keeping track of the scores for each discipline so that at the end of the event you will have a field, clout and target shooting champion. 

If you are having a full days shooting, we will also organise a series of head to head shoot off's that will culminate with an employee being crowned "Overall Champion".

An experience to remember!

Still not sure? Well don't take our word for it, these are just some of the comments we have received from past participants;

  • "I had a great time, everyone loved it."
  • "Everyone had a really good time and I just wanted to extend our thanks to you and all of the Bowmen who made it a really enjoyable experience"
  • "I had an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks to all that made it possible - especially the Bowmen Of Lyme.."
Corporate Days at the Bowmen Of Lyme

So what does it cost?

We offer both full day (10am to 4pm) and half day (10am to 1pm) events but both will offer the same archery experience.

The basic costs for our corporate events are;

  • £500 for a half day event (max 20 people)
  • £800 for a full days event (max 30 people)

Although we have two basic formats, we can of course tailor your experience to your needs. If you would like more information or would like to book a corporate day with ourselves, please drop us a line via our Contact Us page.